As the mother of 5 boys, there is much wrestling that goes on in our living room. To prove my point, I’d love to show you my 5 year old’s smile. His tooth was knocked out prematurely last week. Everyday someone in my house is a different superhero, fighting off the bad guys.

My boys love of wrestling has transitioned to the sport of wrestling. My second son has high hopes his senior year for medal collecting and total domination. The other day, as I was watching him simply walk out of the house in his letter jacket, I had to chuckle. Which is amazing in and of its self, because typically I tear up thinking he will be under another roof next year at this time! I laughed out loud because this boy truly wears his weight on his sleeve. We paid $25 to have his Senior year weight in giant bold numbers burned into his sleeve much like the branding of cattle. 160. 160! 160…and he is proud. He wants the world to know.

I hate scales. I hate scales as a women. I hate scales as a mother. I hate scales as a trainer. The scale can and does only measure a body’s relationship to gravity. That is it. Yet, many times that number steals self-esteem like a thief in the night. Men and women look at that number as if it is an all encompassing viewpoint of you as a person.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times; muscle and fat are not equal. Muscle burns more calories than fat. One pound of muscle is the size of a tangerine. One pound of fat is the size of grapefruit!!

Burning more calories and shrinking your size (although the scale might not move much), is one of many, many reasons to add strength training to your life. Some of my favorite other reasons are to sleep better, decrease stress, build stronger bones, improve heart health, stand taller, decrease chances of injury…the list truly goes on and on. Let’s save that for another day.

The moral of the story today is PLEASE DO NOT LIVE AND DIE BY THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE! It is truly JUST A NUMBER. Instead, exercise to be fit and eat to fuel your body. If you do that, 90% of the time, results will follow.

P.S. 140 and a size 4
Tana Cordy
Camp Gladiator