Below is the weekly summary of daily nutrition tips that are posted on the Wicked Sexy Smart Facebook page. If you haven’t already found the page, take a minute to find and “like” it for little tid bits of WSS fun.

– When you are trying to build muscle and create a lean body mass (and who isn’t?), protein is one of the most essential components to your success. Proteins will keep you satisfied longer, reduce your food cravings/obsessions, speed up metabolism and are key to building muscle. Studies show when proteins are 25-30% of total calorie intake your metabolism can be increased up to an extra 100 calorie burn during the day. The actual number of protein grams you should eat depend on weight, activity level and several other factors. However, I personally aim for just under 1/2 my body weight in grams.

– Try using hummus as a mayonnaise substitute in your wraps.

– Add lemon to your water. Not only does it add great flavor and make you more likely to enjoy & therefore drink more water: the lemon aides in efficient digestion.

– I promise that is not the last pecan pie or cheesecake you will ever have the opportunity to eat and Lay’s is not going out of business; there will be a next time. You can say “no.”

– Don’t diet (dirtiest four letter word I’ll never use), just eat according to your goals.

– Candy corn is not a vegetable y’all. Seriously, corn is hardly a vegetable.