Let’s face it, the bicep gets ALL the glory. We know what our bicep is. We know that we need to curl weights to build our biceps. We know how to flex our bicep. But, oh wait what is on the other side of our arm? Hey, there IS a muscle back there. Huh… never really noticed that little guy hanging out back there…

Poor tricep, give Ashley Simpson

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 a call. She gets you. The overlooked potential… the untapped talent… the natural beauty begging to be revealed…

I’ve got your back triceps. Here’s the thing though… you are seriously antisocial. I’ve been trying to get you to pop out of your shell for years. Yet, you seem to favor fifteen year old boys. Not cool. My son… a couple of kick backs and you are all over him like a cheap suit. I understand. I didn’t get the nickname Mrs. Robinson for liking older men. Still, give us ladies a break. As we are waving to hot dad in the school pick up line, we don’t wants to realize that our under-arms are swaying like fans at a Grateful Dead concert.

So, I’ve put together a couple of ways to show you, dear triceps, a little love. And, I know, if we work hard and keep offering our unconditional love… hot dad will be checking us out in no time.

A couple of side notes:

If I could read your mind I’d guess you were asking these two questions: 1. But um… how many do I need to do?? and 2. How much weight should I use?

First, before you worry about all that, worry about your form. In the video, my skull crushers are not totally awesome. I was probably trying to be a hero with 24lbs, but certainly 12 wasn’t going to be enough. Watch Tana, not me.

Then there are military push ups: they are seriously HARD! But also TOTALLY worth it. I simply can’t get the same range of motion as Tana does,  YET (again, watch her for best form). Even so, I refuse to get on my knees for push ups, (which is the modification by-the-way… but you do still have to keep a straight line from you head down to your knees on the ground). Whatever, just concentrate on form and SQUEEZE the tricep at the top of every exercise.

So, back to your questions:

How many repetitions and how much weight you use truly depend on what your objectives are. If you are trying to achieve long, lean muscles; you will work to get as many repetitions as possible, likely with a lighter weight. On the other hand, if you are trying to bulk; you will work with less repetitions with heavier weights. Either way, you should never be comfortable, but you should also never be in pain. You DO want to work to failure.

I use twelve pound weights, I should probably graduate to fifteens… To compensate, I do more repetitions than I would do with the heavier weight. I always do three sets, (repeat each exercise three times). My repetitions per set depend on the exercise. Within each set, I push as close to failure as possible,  or all the way to failure. My goal is long and lean. So, I may do 20+ repetitions in each set. The exception is tricep dips, which I will usually do forty of per set, repeating that three times.