Last week I found out that one of the elementary schools in our town had a bomb threat. I have a 7 year old daughter who goes to another elementary school in town and a 4 year old son who goes to pre-school right down the street from where the bomb scare was.

I found out the day after the threat, and nothing happened. The kids went back to school the next day and all was well. At first, I was surprisingly calm. But, then I started to think about it more and more. My focus on this event led me to think of another event that happened in our town this past summer, a homicide where a 19 year old boy was killed by a guy affiliated with a terrorist network who happened to be living in the reservation in our very own neighborhood! These are the woods my husband takes our children in for walks.

I want to add, we live in a very nice area where these types of things don’t typically happen. After I heard about this bomb scare I started thinking to myself, is this neighborhood really safe? I mean we just had a homicide this past summer, by someone who may have been affiliated with the terrorist network and now this. Maybe we live too close to NYC, maybe we should move. What if anything had happened to my family or my friends? That would have been horrible. On and on my thoughts rambled.

I thought myself into a tizzy! All of a sudden I was anxious and sad. All because of my monkey mind that I let loose! We have this incredibly powerful mind. I’ve heard that our mind produces something like 60,000 thoughts per day! And, those thoughts create our reality. They create what we experience, what we see in our life, and at that moment I was creating a boat load of fear and anxiety.

I finally decided to stop the insanity. I chose to stop thinking all those crazy thoughts about how scary it would have been if something bad happened. And, instead talk myself back into a better feeling place. It worked a little. But, what really helped was just allowing the feeling. I closed my eyes and felt the anxiety and sadness. I let it be there without wishing it weren’t. I spent time feeling it. And all of a sudden I felt better. I haven’t worried about it since.

Do you have any fear creeping its way into your mind? What are you thinking about? Are you aware of the thoughts you’re having? Pay attention to your thoughts. Catch yourself when you’re thinking something that doesn’t make you feel good and replace it with another thought that brings you more relief, more peace. If that doesn’t work, try closing your eyes and feeling whatever it is that’s coming up for you. Just allow it to be there and then when you’re ready let it go.

Your thoughts really do create your reality. Take a look at your life and you’ll see what you’re mind has been focused on. Is it what you want? If not, you can change it. It’s just a thought away.

Brenda Wisniewski

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