The most difficult thing about any work out is showing up and getting started. Same applies to starting a fit life. You know you need to take care of your body. Yet, you are not entirely sure where to begin. There are a lot of options. Options are good, but they can also be truly overwhelming. What is the RIGHT way to start? What SHOULD you be doing?

Let me tell you a secret: there is NO RIGHT WAY to start. Furthermore, all I know for sure is that what you SHOULD be doing is quite simply, starting! You can’t belabor the decision. Allowing your uncertainty to create a barrier for you to get started, is completely counter-intuitive. Avoidance is an excuse and a self betrayal.

You must simply choose something and jump in. Wha la! You’ve started. Why do I still hear you thinking, “Ummm, but what do I choose?” You people are not actually listening are you?

WHAT you choose doesn’t matter. Seriously. Here’s why: (1) Yesterday you weren’t doing anything, today you are (2) you are going to evolve. How you start will not likely last long term.

Now you are thinking, “Is she calling me a quitter? Why won’t it last long term?”

I am not calling you a quitter. The fact is, most people are not going to stick with something that they don’t enjoy. That’s okay. Exercise is not meant to be a chore. Your fitness should be like a child’s extra curricular activities. It should enrich your life. You think I’m crazy, but I’m not. The reason people think they hate exercise, the reason people quit on themselves, is because they don’t invest the time in evolving.

Fitness evolution is probably a new concept to you. I didn’t understand it myself until recently. Evolving your fitness is a process of trying, evaluating, learning and adapting. So, your friend is obsessed with Pilates and you want to try it. Go ahead, commit to it for a month. Go 5-6 days a week. Evaluate your results. Consider whether you enjoy your time. Do you like the music? The environment? Consider the people at the studio. Do you relate to them? Do you look forward to seeing them? Do they have the results you want?

Based on your observations, you may decide to continue with Pilates or focus the next month on a different work out style. Maybe you saw a Groupon for Spin. Jump over and give that a try. Always wondered about Yoga? Commit to that for the next month. P90x? Sure! Never think that you are incapable of a workout program. Try anything and everything that you have an interest in.

Be patient. The process may take years or even decades. Moreover, what you enjoy now may change with age or time.

You will only know that you have “arrived” when you get there. You can’t know in a week or two. You need a whole month of dedicated involvement to really immerse yourself in the culture. And yes, fitness programs have a culture. They attract different types of people. They have different objectives. They garner different results.

I used to considered my gym time a speed bump in my day. I did what I needed to do to look and feel the way I wanted to. I didn’t particularly “love” the work, I only loved the result. Yet I persevered and evolved. And because I did, I have arrived. I have found my fitness nirvana.

At Camp Gladiator I have found my people. Camp is my favorite time of day. I look forward to showing up and rolling out my mat. I am thrilled to be outside. The workouts are never the same day to day. We mix cardio in with weighted strength training. The style supports a long lean body. There are elements of competition incorporated into the workouts. Sometimes we work with a team against other teams. Other times we push ourselves to beat our own stats from a prior fitness test. The workouts are fun and sometimes silly. We have literally played freeze tag. I am constantly outside my comfort zone. Occasionally the demands are so crazy hard, the trainer has earned a stink eye from me. I have ALMOST puked, multiple times. We talk, we joke, we laugh, we yell out encouragements to each other. We hand out LOTS of high fives. Because we talk, we learn about each other. We over share. We spill our personal lives into our workouts. The support and encouragement has naturally crossed the boundaries of our life and these people have become my friends. I have fallen in love with the Camp Gladiator culture and I have fallen in love with the campers.

Why? Because anyone who knows me can see that the culture of Camp Gladiator mirrors my personality. I’m adventurous. I like to try new things. I’m competitive. I work hard. I am never satisfied and always looking to improve. I’m silly. Some might even say I’m crazy. I pretty much never stop talking. I over share. Laughing is my favorite. I like to see others succeed. Moreover, I like to help others succeed. I love people. I need people.

Your fitness nirvana is out there too. Invest the time. Keep evolving. Never give up. Observe the culture. Find the culture that matches your personality. When you get there it will feel like finding your way home.