Your fitness is like a petulant child. No matter how wonderfully behaved and utterly adorable that child is while you are watching… turn your back for one moment, and they have emptied the contents of your entire spice cabinet into the toilette along with a dozen of their favorite match box cars, the green beans they were hiding in their pocket, and sister’s Barbie.

Similarly, you go on a bender; shoving anything you want to eat or drink in your mouth, take a couple days off your work out schedule… and that scale is going to quickly creep in the wrong direction. Most of the time this happens as you approach your goals. You’re all, “look at me, I can borrow my skinny teenage daughter’s shirts and sweaters and even some of her skirts. I’m so rocking it!” And you were rocking it. But now you are rocking it a couple pounds heavier. And when I say you, I mean me. I’m speaking from experience here people.

It’s way too easy to make a wrong decision. They don’t hurt you today and maybe not tomorrow; but they place you on the wrong trajectory. Your worst enemy is “what you deserve.” In other words you say, “I’ve been working hard, I deserve…” and here is where you insert your favorite vice…aka: candy, glass of wine, jar of PB an entire container of Fluff, etc.

For all you southerners, Fluff is the work of angels. It is creamy marshmallow spread that is only 40 calories per serving but has absolutely no nutritional value and is pretty much entirely sugar. I love it. I want to stock pile it in my tornado shelter y’all. What do you do with Fluff you ask? Like the old lady says, “I put that shit on everything.” Fluffernutter: google it. You’re welcome.

Anyway, I think I hear Barbie drowning in the toilette, maybe I should stay on track. So, sure, you have been working hard and you do deserve a reward. And you know what that reward is? Reaching your goals, whatever those may be! Maybe you want to run a 5k with your friends. Maybe you are training for a marathon. Maybe your doctor told you you need to lose 50 pounds. Maybe you are working on your persona as a MILF. The goal doesn’t matter. You matter. Reaching it matters. And seriously, you have been working hard! Funny thing is, making a good decision is really just as easy as making a bad one. It’s one choice at one moment in time.

I have a rule and it’s called, “The walk of shame concept.” Back in college when you had to trudge across campus with your bed head, last night’s party dress, one broken stiletto and mascara smeared down your face, how’d you feel? That feeling right there: if that is what your bad choice is going to leave you with tomorrow, it’s not the right choice. On the other hand, an occasional indulgence is part of enjoying life. So if you know you’ll feel good about your choice in the morning, go for it!

Just like the petulant child, the scale is simply trying to get your attention. The upward trend is a cry for help. Now for God’s sake get off my website and go see what your kids are doing! While you’re at it, check in on the scale too… but only if it’s first thing in the morning, you are naked, haven’t eaten or drunk anything and have preferably had a bowel movement. And if that’s the case, seriously, what the hello kitty are you doing reading my blog right now?

Go make some wicked sexy smart decisions today and google Fluffernutter.