10. You salivate like Pavlov’s dogs at the sight of a cocktail.

9. Your children have mad skills at beer pong and flip cup.

8. You’ve had to ride a bike home to avoid a DUI.

7. You regularly bring one last drink to bed with you.

6. You’ve left fence prints on your brother-in-laws back because wrestle mania got out of hand.

5. You have taken a shot before a toddler’s birthday party because… hair of the dog that is why.

4. You’ve been kicked out of a bar for intoxication, (or needing a haircut), and your smile, charm, or perhaps a flash of your boobs had no impact on the bouncer’s decision.

3. Naked mud-sliding across your front lawn has ever sounded like a good idea.

2. Your favorite breakfast is a Bloody Mary.

1. You excuse all drinking shenanigans with, “It’s okay, I’m Irish.”