I have a concept for a new game show: Smarter than your average politician…. would you watch it? Want to apply to compete?

President Obama closed all travel to Israel for a week in July because a rocket from Hamas landed near an airport. He made Israel prove it was safe to land an airplane in Israel before Americans recommenced travel. Travel bans are not unprecedented…

Americans are begging for travel to be banned out of the Ebola infected areas of West Africa. Senegal did a complete ban of travel and Nigeria put strict travel limitation in place. These are both countries on the continent of Africa. The bans have been in place since August. They are both about to be declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization. Note… these countries are not close to the infected areas… Africa is huge. The point is that their policies are keeping their citizens safe. Which is all we, as Americans are asking for. More than a dozen other countries on the continent of Africa have had similar success keeping Ebola out of their borders by implementing travel bans.

Need some evidence of what I’m talking about… refer to the links below.

World Health Organization Declares Ebola Free Senegal & Nigeria

Successful Travel bans across the continent of Africa

I’m not in a panic… yet. I am more completely perplexed by our US administration and the CDC’s reactions, or lack there of, to the situation in Dallas. I have more questions than answers and frankly, I don’t trust the answers I’ve been given.