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The Most Wonderful Time of the Day

Do you know what I LOVE about school days? It's not the getting up early. Just ask my husband. He occasionally (and by occasionally I mean almost every day), has to drag me out of bed by my feet as I cling and claw at the blankets yelling, “No, no, just ten more...

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Defending Pretty

Ever since I was in High School I have had this bizarre and passionate need to defend the pretty and popular people of the world. Pretty is not a superpower. Popular does not make you invincible. Yet, it seems like the pretty and popular are open game to be stereo...

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Not Yo Mama’s Butternut Squash

My children are not tremendous fans of your typical mashed and whipped butternut squash. So, when my husband came home from Costco with a big package of peeled, seeded & chopped butternut squash, I decided to try something new. And guess what? Everyone ate their...

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Tax Planning for Anyone

Most people find the landscape of the tax code treacherous at best. Indeed, the terrain is unstable. Tax laws change on an almost constant basis. Rules like “phase outs” that take away deductions after a certain income level along with the Alternative Minimum tax add...

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The Sex Talk

Recently, my friend's son, aged 14, came down to dinner in a great deal of pain. He was pale and obviously in distress. When asked what was wrong he just said, “I don't know. It hurts. Bad. Down there, in my privates.” His mother had no idea what to do with that...

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It’s not you, It’s me…

Dear beloved husband, I am sorry I have been such a crank-o-potamis the past few days. It's just that literally, everything you do is annoying me. For example, you know how you drank most of my beers? You know, the kind you don't like that much but is my favorite? And...

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Christmas Snowflake Craft

This craft is reserved for the ten and older age range, mostly because you should expect a couple hot glue gun burns in the process. What you will need: Hot glue gun Toilette paper or paper towel rolls White paint Glitter Sequins Note: Tulip Glitter Spray Paint-...

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Breakfast Scramble by Tana Cordy

BREAKFAST SCRAMBLE: 16 ozs Breakfast Turkey Sausage 1 onion 3 cloves garlic 1 red bell pepper 3 ozs fresh Spinach (much more if you like/cooks down) 2 cups cooked rice 8 eggs Saute onion, add garlic and red pepper. Add sausage. Cook thoroughly. Add rice and simply mix...

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Sweet Potato & Roasted Red Pepper Bisque

This is another of my favorite recipes taken from the Ultimate Reset. This recipe is for a single serving. I never make a single serving. The soup is great to have on hand and heat up quickly when you are too starved for preparation time. So, double... triple......

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Would you wear YOUR weight on your sleeve?

As the mother of 5 boys, there is much wrestling that goes on in our living room. To prove my point, I'd love to show you my 5 year old's smile. His tooth was knocked out prematurely last week. Everyday someone in my house is a different superhero, fighting off the...

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Frosted Pumpkin Bread

My favorite thing about this pumpkin bread recipe is that the recipe card is written by my grandmother. So, every time I take the recipe out to bake, I think of her. Her special twist is adding frosting over the top. If you add frosting while the loaf is still warm...

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Molasses Sugar Cookies

Whenever I serve molasses sugar cookies, people tell me they are the best gingerbread they've ever had. They are not gingerbread. They are much better than gingerbread. And I'll let you in on a little secret that goes wholly against the fitness persona of my blog......

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Glass & Glitter Christmas Ornaments

This beautiful Christmas ornament can be crafted quickly and easily by just about any age and will make not only a fun memory, but also a gorgeous addition to your tree. What you need:  - Clear Plastic Crafting Balls - Fine Glitter - Pledge FloorCare Wood Finish Floor...

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