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Occasionally, I am overcome with a sense of shock and awe that my children are actually, really, truly growing up. Remember learning how to ride a bike? Unsteady. Wobbling. Falling. Skinned knees. Dad holding the bike, running beside. The bike is balanced. Dad has let...

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To count or not to count…

To count or not to count calories... that is the question. Frankly, counting calories makes me crazy, or should I say... crazier than usual. Therefore, I choose not to count. HOWEVER, once upon a time, I did count calories and I learned A LOT. I learned that what I...

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It’s a Crap Shoot

Tonight I stood at the counter folding clothes and waiting for my daughter to get home from a one act festival her theater group put on. She had won the lead in “Butterfly;” the story of a WWII Jewish child and survivor. I thought she did an amazing job. My husband...

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God Lives In Texas

I'm Going Up a Yonder, a spiritual song, was beautifully performed by my daughter's fifth grade choir class today. She goes to public school... in Texas. The mother standing next to me leaned toward me smiling and said, “Only in Texas would you hear this song in...

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My Nana Would Be Appalled

Have you ever wondered what your grandparents think (or would think) about the way you raise your family? My Nana passed away eight years ago after she suffering with Alzheimer's for quite some time. I don't think she realized how much the world had changed and what...

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Take A Chance

I was with a group of friends yesterday and one of them commented that they saw I had won a gift certificate through a Facebook contest. Another friend jumped in and said, “She wins EVERYTHING! It’s not fair ... I never win anything.” In all honesty, I do win quite a...

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How to Win Every Fight With Your Spouse

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