I am fighting the battle against time, on many levels. There is not enough of it in any given day. Each year, on my birthday, the number on my cake grows subtly larger. Thinking back to how “easy” it was to stay in shape when we were younger – it was something totally taken for granted. Eat (yeah and maybe drink too) whatever you wanted; then throw down a few push-ups and sit-ups: Rinse, Wash, and Repeat. But alas, time marches on and so does the size of our waist lines. It is inevitable right? Maybe. Maybe not.

For 20 something years, I was a gym guy. Not the annoying type of gym guy. Not the guy that loads up a bar with a ton of weight, has 3 spotters around him, makes a huge grunt when he and three spotters (mostly the 3 spotters) lift the weight off the rank, grunt even louder when he does half of one rep (you know what I am talking about, like take the bar down ¾ of an inch and then push it up again), and then he makes sure to slam the weight back on the rack as loudly as possible.

I liked to go unnoticed. I would run through my sets and go home. My sets were usually 2 or 3 for 8 to 10 reps for 7 or so different exercises.  I would usually focus on just one body area for each workout day: chest, shoulders, arms, legs – ok not legs – have you seen mine? – yeah when I turn sideways you can’t, hahaha. I would then try to get 10 mins in on the treadmill and be done.

As I got older, my gains became less, except on the scale. I was like, “what the !@#$%”. Seeing my frustration, my wife suggested I mix up my routine. I was like, “What? Mix up my routine huh, and you are?” I knew what I was doing. I was the gym guy. So when my wife, who had just gotten in super good shape on Shawn T’s Insanity, suggested I mix it up, I was not really picking up on what she was putting down. But like all of us married men learn, she kept finding ways to “encourage” me to try P90X and like all married men that want to stay married…I listened.

The first week of P90 was hellacious. Total body workout. For three days, I could hardly move. I was sore everywhere. Putting on a button down shirt was about as much fun as the house that gives out pencils or floss to kids on Halloween – why do people do that?  Anyway, I had never, and I mean never, been that sore after any workout. But having been around weights for a long time, I knew that meant it was working. It, of course, got easier and then BAM, the P90 routine changes, and it gets harder again. Once again, I knew it was working. Taking pictures along the way helped solidify the progress. The picture you see is me day one and me day 60… That was 3 years ago.

The latest workout change for me: boot camps. I was always like “boot camps, smoot camps”. Those are for people who can’t motivate themselves. I was wrong, they are actually a mixture of fun, hard work and accountability.  I was gassed after the first few. The boot camp exercises constantly change and the challenges increase, plus our trainer, Tana of Camp Gladiator, makes it fun and she is super enthusiastic.

So what is my point? Land the plane right? First -get off the couch, put down the remote and the bag of sourdough pretzels. Second, ok so you work out – great- how about mixing it up? Jump in on a spin class, give yoga a try, yeah I said it – YOGA – you want to make something of it? Try Insanity or P90X.  Been out of the “game” for a while and need to ramp up first, try Power 90.  Try whatever, get out and walk for crying out loud – “Mix it Up and Keep it Up”.  Now get going…you only got so much time and this one life.