“Your mind is engaged in an ongoing showdown between different, conflicting parts of yourself. These splintered intentions, if you will, set all sorts of dynamics into motion. Let’s say you have a conscious intention to buy a new house. At the same time you set that intention into motion, you simultaneously send out an unconscious but equally potent fear of a higher mortgage payment. You start fretting about interest rates, and worrying about the termite contract you inadvertently let expire on your current house – both of which send out even more unconscious intentions. If these unconscious fear intentions are stronger than the conscious desire intentions…well, guess which one wins?”                                               

                                           ~ Pam Grout, “E Squared”

I love this excerpt from Pam Grout’s “E Squared” book. If our unconscious fears are stronger than our conscious desire intentions then the fears will win out! If this is true, then that means our thoughts have an energy charge to them. And, we need to be careful which ones we let into our mind. How do we strengthen the thoughts we want so that we get what we want? And, how do we lesson the charge of the thoughts we don’t want?

We pay attention to them, we catch the ones we don’t want and we let go of them. And, we consciously choose the ones we want that make us feel good. What about our unconscious thoughts? If they are unconscious how do we catch them? You catch them by paying attention to your feelings. Your feelings are your guide. They tell you when you have an unconscious thought that is not making you feel good. Good thoughts produce good feelings and good feelings produce desired outcomes. Bad thoughts not so much.

Catch yourself when you’re triggered, or not feeling good, and look deeper. Ask yourself, what am I saying about what happened or what is happening that is not making me feel so good? Then take it a step further. Ask what am I making this event mean? And, if that is true then what does that mean? Go even deeper, if that’s true then what does that mean about me? Through this line of questioning you will see what you are subconsciously making it mean. You will uncover a story or limiting belief that is not true and is not serving you anymore. It will have a negative tone. It will not sound loving and supportive. It will be something like I’m not good enough, I’m a lone, I’m not safe, I’m not worthy, etc…

Once you uncover what you are making what happened mean then you have a choice. You can choose to continue to buy into that limiting belief / that story / that lie. Or you can let it go and replace it with something that is more empowering, that feels better. You just have to re-phrase it and keep re-phrasing it until you’re at peace with what is and ideally until you feel good, or if you can, really good.

Do not however, force yourself to “pretend” everything is better or force yourself into a happier feeling thought if it’s not believable to you. You will just be resisting where you are and what you resist will persist. If you can’t re-phrase and feel better that’s okay. Just allow those feelings to be there as they are, welcome them in and embrace them. Do not try and push them away – that will intensify their charge and cause you to attract more of that. But, don’t hook onto to them either. You are not your emotions. Emotions are just energy moving through you. You can and you should allow them to move through you and let them go. It’s when we attach ourselves to our feelings and our beliefs that we get stuck. So, let them be there, observe them, feel them and by allowing them in and being with them you will neutralize their charge hence decreasing their strength.

This is why simply thinking positive thoughts and trying to re-phrase them doesn’t always work. Sometimes the wound is much deeper than that and needs your attention. This is a part of you that has been wounded that needs your love and needs to be acknowledged. Give it to yourself and when you’re ready then you can let it go. Once you let go of that limiting belief you want to replace it with a more positive, empowering thought. And from there you can create what you want.

What will you choose? Do you watch your thoughts? Are you consciously creating your desires? Or is there some cleaning up of the unconscious you need to do first? You’ll know by looking at your life. If there’s anything showing up that you don’t want, you have some clearing to do. Go ahead, practice observing your thoughts, becoming more aware of the ego mind. You may be surprised at what you find.

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