The Choice to Assume Best Intentions

The Choice to Assume Best Intentions

Today I opened the front door for my own angry looking seven year old son. He rushed in without as much as a goodbye to his buddy who was standing on the sidewalk in front of our house. As he stormed past me he said, “Somebody hurt me!” This conversation ensued: Me:...

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A Love Letter to my Son…

A Love Letter to my Son…

I realized today that when I punish my children, I do a good job stating the “why,” the “what” and “how things can be done differently next time.” But, what I rarely do, is explain how I feel about their behavior. Therefore, today, I decided to write a love letter to...

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Cancer: The Lurker

Cancer: The Lurker

I have very little experience with cancer. And I thank the good lord for that. My experiences are from a distance, as an observer. Last year I lost a close friend to cancer. But his diagnosis came almost immediately after we had moved across the country and I saw him...

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How to Win Every Fight With Your Spouse

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