I think despair about sums up my emotional reaction to learning that fitness is actually 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. My whole life I have subscribed to a mantra I call “eat hard, work hard.” Pepperoni pizza, & beer: yes please. An entire bag of family sized salt & vinegar chips: yes please. Candy corns, Swedish fish, caramel: yes please. You get the picture. Anyway, once my copious consumption was complete; I’d just hit the gym and attempt to sweat out all my sins. Around the age of 35 or so, that stopped working as well. And because it is my lifetime goal to neither look my age nor look like I have four children… it was time to change my evil ways.

I have found that the key to healthy eating is being prepared. Therefore, in preparation for a busy week, (and to be clear, every week is a busy week), I do things in bulk. If you don’t already have a large Tupperware container; go spend the $5 or so. The money will be worth it. While you are out picking the perfect container that you’ll never lend out or leave behind anywhere for fear it will not be returned… also fill your cart with your favorite flavor of hummus and your favorite vegetables. Each week I purchase approximately 4-6 cucumbers, a couple zucchini & summer squash, 2-3 each of red and green peppers, several containers of grape tomatoes, carrots and either broccoli or cauliflower.

Then, on a morning or an afternoon when I’m stuck in the kitchen chopping for dinner or shouting out spelling and vocabulary words at my children for their studying pleasure, I wash and chop everything up all at once and throw it in to the huge Tupperware. Wha la! No excuse not to eat healthy now. And, you’d be surprised how filling the vegetables can be. Sometimes I fill an empty Fluff container, (Southerners: we’ve been over this in a previous post… Fluff is the work of angels. Google it. And then find an equivalent sized container.), with raw vegetables and grab some hummus for lunch on the go. I use the hummus sparingly trying to stay within one or two servings. I am literally stuffed when I get to the bottom of the Fluff container full of veggies.

The Tupperware of health is also great to throw out for the kids after school or even at dinner when you are in a rush and don’t have time to prepare side dishes. Having the vegetables washed and chopped also makes salad preparation easy later in the week. It’s just Wicked Sexy Smart sense…