I’m a huge fan of the urban dictionary. Sometime, when you are avoiding doing something much more productive, pop over and check out the top words or search your favorites. I guarantee a chuckle. Anyway, the urban dictionary provides this definition of diet:

“A four-letter word that often leads to deprivation, frustration and, ultimately, failure. Diet should not be in your vocabulary.”

Genius! I have never, and will never “diet.” The fact of the matter is, everyone in the entire world is on a diet: because your diet is quite simply what you eat. Therefore you are either on a healthy diet or a crap diet. But everyone is on a diet.

If you view the nutrition portion of your fitness as dieting, the progress you make will not last. Sure, you can set a challenge goal for a finite period of time to reset your cravings or test yourself. However, the overall caloric intake and the shift to healthy eating have to be viewed as a lifestyle change if you want to get in shape and stay in shape.

Maybe this sounds like semantics to you; but life is mind over matter. Your perception is everything. So if you consider yourself to be dieting, that implies deprivation for a period of time until a goal is reached. What happens afterward? Fitness is a JOURNEY, not a destination! So, instead, if you eat according to your goals the inference is positive. And since once you reach your goal, I anticipate you will set another to maintain your fitness level: there really is no end.

All that said, nobody will eat perfectly all the time. My fitness hero Shaun T (Insanity man), concurs that he still has to play with his diet. He makes some bad choices by either 1. not eating enough because he feels pressure to look a certain way or 2. by eating the wrong things, (apparently he is a McDonald’s fry guy). So, even the trainers and the people who look almost perfect, aren’t perfect. We will all binge during PMS or at the ball park or on Thanksgiving or just because the smell outside the pizza parlor is too much to resist. However, we can choose to make that the exception and NOT the rule.