As the founder and main contributor to Wicked Sexy Smart, I wish to share with my audience what I envision makes a person, “Wicked Sexy Smart.”

Society paints a picture of “sexy” as someone who walked out of a Victoria’s Secret or Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. These models are undoubtedly physically appealing. Yet, there is far more to sexy than how a person looks. Sexy is a state of mind. Sexy is a person that others are attracted to; a person others are drawn to spending time with and being in the company of.

For example, have you ever met a couple and had an initial reaction, “How did he/she land that beautiful specimen??” I’ll tell you how; the winner in question is sexy. They hit the “jackpot,” because they are confident, likely very funny, usually smart, and almost always outgoing.

CONFIDENCE: An easy way to show confidence is through eye contact. Most people neglect to make eye contact or quickly divert the contact as soon as it is established, especially women. Make eye contact and then, be truly bold and SMILE. I consider this just good manners. My husband considers my good manners really irritating. Apparently, he does not appreciate watching men ask to buy me a drink or hit the dance floor. Regardless, your eye contact and smile could make someone’s day. Try it, everywhere you are, all the time.

HUMOR: I have not met a single person that doesn’t love to laugh and want to do it over and over again. As such, someone who is able to elicit smiles and laughter, is someone others want to spend time with. We seek out happy, funny people; we are naturally attracted to the contagion of their demeanor. Humor is sexy. Loosen up. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember to smile. Have fun.

INTELLIGENCE: People admire intelligence. Please note, intelligence is not something wholly measurable by grades, testing, or even professional accomplishment. Clever comes in many shapes and sizes. I believe being socially adaptable and aware is more important than being book smart. My theory has been proven over and over in the business arena; people skills are as important as what is on a resume. In addition, people who know their talents and utilize them, (whether in the form of artistic expression, athletics, activism or adventure), show intelligence. If you do not consider yourself smart, you have likely not found your gift. Search for your blessings and then be brave enough to share them with the world. Keeping your gifts to yourself is selfish, and totally not sexy.

OUGOING: Anyone who is confident, funny and smart is likely to be outgoing. Those people are self assured. They are able to take a risk and willing to fail, (in a bar, in their career, in everything they do); which is incredibly sexy. Take risks. Be willing to fail. Keep trying.


Unfortunately, a greater number of men, as opposed to women, know how to employ their “sexy.” Men overcome their genetic make up constantly. Successful men often have an over inflated view of their capabilities. Having this complimentary vantage point allows them to reach beyond what others would determine possible. Yet, we are all capable of more than we think. Do not stifle yourself by disguising self doubt as realism. Instead, take a deep breath, and step out of your comfort zone.

Unfortunately, women seem more inclined to physically measure their “sexy.” Many blame the tendency toward a physical definition of sexuality on media and society. Whether right or wrong, blame does not achieve desired result. The behavior and mindset of others can never be changed by telling them they are wrong:

A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.” – Unknown.

Change your behavior and your reactions. Make a choice. Anyone can be Wicked Sexy Smart.