First things first, as referenced in my opening day Cowboys vs. 49ers blog, before anyone falls in love with me as that girl that adores sports and knows what the hell is going on during a football game, be-still your heart: I am not that girl. On the contrary, I threatened a Wicked Sexy Smart Monday morning quarter-backing if we couldn’t turn a profit on our playoff tickets… and I guess my fans really wanted to hear what I had to say.

As is quite common for me, I slept right through Monday morning. However, a promise is a promise.

First of all, my January “dry-out” was severely jeopardized as a spectator of the Cowboys vs. Detroit playoff game. Indeed, my husband and I went out for dinner after the game and part of our criteria for where to eat was to make sure they DIDN’T serve good drinks.

Most people are talking about the controversial pass interference call. It’s true, there are no penalties for face guarding in the NFL. However, for what it is worth, my husband says he thinks the referees had it right before the reversal. It appears Hitchens’ left arm made contact. However, he says that based on video and being up in the stands. Refs are on the fields with the players and the game is what they call; good, bad or indifferent. Besides, Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t give a shit. It was one damn play. Granted, the tide did seem to turn after that but seriously? It was one damn play.

What I did note is this game felt like football. Sometimes bad football, and sometimes good football: but football. The crowd was loud… well they were loud in the beginning and then again in the end. Not so much in the middle… Dallas fans even sing the National Anthem while the trumpeter plays. I think that is classy and awesome.

As to actual football… well here’s the thing… as I keep telling you, I’m not that girl. I’m just in it for the atmosphere. That said, I did cringe at the blocking the first 1/2 of the game. People knock Romo, but damn that man took some hits with an already injured back and he just kept going. Call me crazy but that is a tough man. For the life of me I can’t figure out why Detroit seemed to stop blitzing after the first half. Sure did seem to be working for them…

Also, I keep hearing we have an average if not sub-par defensive line-up that doesn’t know how to defend against the pass. However, I think they showed some heart and did a pretty nice job. They held the score from half time on. Yet… my husband tells me Detroit had 397 total yards on offense and 307 was passing… So I guess the numbers don’t lie.

The two most astounding things to me in the game were:

1. Our second round draft pick rookie that we traded up to get… who doesn’t just fall on the damn ball but instead turns it over again!! I guess maybe he wanted to be a hero and make the highlight reel? Well, I think he made the reel. That was a play only a mother could love. I got a text right after that said, “If the Cowboys lose this game, he is why.” My response was, “Nah… not at all. There are a whole bunch of reasons the Cowboys might lose this game. The missed field goal being a big one.” That field goal was a chip shot.

Besides, if you were watching carefully, Demarcus Lawrence redeemed himself at the end of the game when he sacked Matthew Stafford on 4th down and 3 to go, to effectively end the game. I wasn’t, (and not even mostly because this kid NEVER sat down). But my husband was, and he told me to mention that.

2. How DO those cheerleaders keep their hair out of their faces? That is amazing. They also appear not to sweat. Mad skills ladies. Mad skills!