Hopefully if you have landed on this site, you are cool with a no whine zone. If not, tough luck. I hate whining even more than I hate tattling and ask my kids; unless someone is hurt, as in like broken body parts and bleeding: I don’t want to hear about it. Figure it out yourselves.

Today’s whine phrase that I want to eliminate from your vocabulary is, “I don’t have time.” Who does? We’re all busy. I have four active children, allegedly I’m a kick ass blogger, and there is no housekeeper, no personal chef, and no nanny. We are all busy. The question is, are you willing to make your health and your fitness a priority? Are you worth it? If the answer is yes, than you MAKE time. Period.

You may have to miss out on a couple episodes of Modern Family. You may have to miss out on some coveted sleep. Your kids and your spouse may have to realize you are not their beck and call girl. But, you do have time.

A trick to making sure you stay on track with your fitness program is actually thinking about when you are going to work out the day before. Schedule your work outs. If the only time you will have is 5am: kiss the extra sleep good bye, set the alarm and DO IT!

I’m not saying the commitment and planning are easy. Most things worth having are not easy or we’d all be rich and super hot. Look around. Nope, I don’t see easy. However, it IS possible.

I’m also not saying that if you have a tough day and miss a work out you should beat yourself up. Get back up tomorrow and simply continue your journey.

You can always use your scheduled rest day to make up a missed work out. You can even double up a session and do a work out in the morning and again at night. Just whatever you do, don’t let a lapse become a failure. Who wins when you give up or just defer, defer, defer until that endless tomorrow? Not you, that is for damn sure.

You can either make excuses or you can make progress. Choose.