Carolyn Flaherty

Carolyn Flaherty


When life serves you bull-shit

I acquiesce that the trials of life provide opportunity to gain strength, compassion, perspective, and character. As such, I suppose the response to difficulty should be gratitude. And, after the endurance, I expect that most logical people are indeed thankful -...

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Time for flip-flops

My alarm* did not go off this morning. Instead, my nine-year-old tapped me and said, "I think we need to get up, it's pretty light outside." I opened my eyes and, "crap!" Fifteen minutes to get my 12 year old kid out the door. "Double crap." I promised home-made...

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Super Simple Pasta Salad

Pull out your Staple's Easy Button because this is really, really simple; and yet always a big hit. My kiddos eat it, my guests compliment it & it's sort of, kind of, healthy. All you need is: 1. One box of pasta of your choice, (I prefer ditalini or medium...

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For the Love of Burpees

A Burpee is not just a creative way of describing a frantic and explosive release of gas from some unhappy abdominal chamber; rather, it is almost any and every trainer's favorite exercise. Most trainers ask their clients for a burpee or two expecting only to receive...

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Fly a little higher…

In February, I posted a "Tip of the Day" on my Facebook page inspired by Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom's Small Prayer in a Big WayThe book is a real story of a young man who managed to turn his short life into a miracle of hope through music and...

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Tricep: The ugly red headed step-sister

Let's face it, the bicep gets ALL the glory. We know what our bicep is. We know that we need to curl weights to build our biceps. We know how to flex our bicep. But, oh wait what is on the other side of our arm? Hey, there IS a muscle back there. Huh... never really...

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How to Win Every Fight With Your Spouse

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